The thing with my mom is that she actually have feelings as oppose to my dad and she knows how things works but still she is cruel and nasty just like my dad. That is why I think that my mom is actually worst than my dad because she has feelings and knows how things works. She can see what everyone is doing wrong but still she does the same things and cannot even see it, when she sees it she cannot admit to it.

I used to love a little my parents even with all they did to me and were doing but with how they turned out after we moved to Ste-Florence I do not love them anymore. I only have hate for them now. They were evil before but they still had a few positive things about them, on November 9 2009 all these small positives completely disappeared from both my parents.

Before I still wanted to cut all ties with them but I would of sent them money if I had became rich since they did provide me with a roof over my head, food, water and other essentials of life but with their psychotic turn eventhough I still have all those things they won't get nothing when I cut all ties.

They have killed my soul the past five years four months two weeks two days.

Nancy xoxoxoxoxoxo