I remember four dreams.

I was in my bedroom and found a sex toy I thought I did not have before, I used it then sat down on my computer. Moments later I saw my mom on my right bent down a little and looking at something on my desk so I looked there and it was my sex toy. At first I was ashamed then I figured that it was not her business and I told her. She was laughing about it and at first she was acting like she did not know what it was. Then I had guns in my hands and was getting ready to go out to get a group of criminals or to just defend myself and others, I was breathing trying to relax and go do this and she was just standing next to me.

My Saint-Hubert house was the outdoors. The living room was a big tree and I sat there and tried to make friends with Birds which worked with at least one. I had given them some food and had the remainder of an apple in one hand when I got down. I saw a Black Bear and he had smelt the food, he/she looked nice but I did not want to feed him/her because then some people would want to murder that Black Bear so I got rid of the apple then started to walk fast up the stairs and the Black Bear followed so I grabbed what was the closest which was a garbage can and threw it down the stairs, it hit the Black Bear which of course became angry so I started to run for my life.

I or my parents had bought a huge piece of land that had many old buildings on it. All had been abandoned for at least decades and could probably not be renovated. The oldest was what was once a beautiful house. I or someone else asked John Edward to come there and to see if there was some spirits left there (just remembered a part of that dream where i said that there could be and some very mean ones too). In the oldest building I told him that at one place I felt sadness when I was there so he looked and when I was at the spot I told him that was it and he stood there and told me that a woman with her husband and child had lived there in the 1800s and that she had lost both of them, when she died she was waiting for them to return not knowing she was dead. I was crying and me and John tried to show her that she was dead and them too and that she had to move on and find them if they were still on the other side. Then we entered a house that looked less abandoned where I soon found objects that were not old and that electricity was working there. In that house we found the spirit of a teenage boy trying to hide from one or both of his parents that had beaten him, we helped him too.

I called somewhere for information for an aunt and one of her son, it was in advance but something they needed and probably soon.