I remember two dreams.

I was watching the Dallas Stars in person but from what seemed a lobby of something, everyone was passing by liked nothing important was going on. I was near the glass where I was shy because the players were right there and they could look at me. After or before a play Jamie Benn came on the ice just where I was, I was about to freak out but I saw that he was injured and he was acting like he was not. I wanted him off the ice and have that checked out. Then next thing I remember was that I was on a coach of their hotel's lobby having the time of my life (meaning i was free). I was eating and talking to a Dog behind the coach and I was also laughing. Benny came and I was so happy that I did not freak out. The Dog (a Doberman) came on the coach and Benny petted him and we started to talk.

I and many others were on a boat and we were part of a quiz. Marine animals would come to the surface only showing a small part of their bodies and one by one we had to guess. One woman that could not guess the easiest one had her daughter trying to help her, her daughter was very young and barely able to speak, we all figured out what she was trying to say except her mom. At the end the woman had a hard time guessing, everyone (except me it seemed) were putting pressure on her and some even were laughing at her because she did not know, the thing is that that was a whale that does not even exist so this is why she had no clue.