Funny but now that I began this thread, I'm having trouble recalling the details of my dreams. In the middle of the night, I awaken and think, "That's an interesting dream. I'll have to remember that." And then I go back to sleep and dream more. When I wake up...they fade quickly into the ether.

This is unusual for me. But then again, I notice if my blood sugar is high in the middle of the night, I don't recall my dreams very clearly and I ate something late at night.

I do remember seeing a middle-aged woman with light brown short hair, wearing a light shirt and tan pants. She was sitting on a bar stool with her head tilted backwards and she looked at me and laughed happily. But then again, I often "see" people all the time when I am both asleep and awake so this was less a dream than just a spirit passer-by.

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