Spent less than eleven hours in bed. Had a very bad night. Remember two dreams.

It was a young boy (just before the teenage years) who was blind. He was part of a mafia family. He made a small sculpture and wanted to give it to someone in the family. He was in a big party and thought he could go straight to that man to give him his gift but there was a line so he went there to wait (it was like he was able to see but he was really blind). The line was quite big. In front of him there were two children about his age, one boy and after one girl who he tapped on a shoulder to say hello. They started talking and the boy in the middle did not liked it but said nothing. He came back home to see it destroyed. I remember a plane but I cannot remember if he was in it or not, I do remember that plane (small plane for like a max of 4 people) being chased by bombs or/and bullets. His mom was there screaming for him to get out. The next thing I remember (i think it just flashed forward like that in the dream) was him coming back there as an adult. The house was still destroyed but some parts were kind of rebuilt. Again he was walking around like he was seeing but he was still blind in reality. He ended up in an office in which used to be his mother. The office was empty of anyone when he got there but everything was beautiful but new, he opened a drawer and took out the sculture he made or it was another one, he put it angrily on the desk. The man who now had that office came back, it was the other boy from the line, he still hated the blind man but again acted like it was all okay. The blind said I made it for my mom and it was her office so it stays there.

At least two man were on a secret police mission. They thought thye had finally their man but they learned at the station that all they had as proof was for a little crime. They along with all the rest of the police force were very disappointed. The chief thought he would be soon fired so he took a bunch of tissues and went in his office to masturbate. He put all the tissues on the floor and put his pant down. My mom ended up going there and me or someone else or me and other people all knew what the chief was doing and warned her but she entered anyway. She was not horrified at all, she thought it was funny. She was staying in the doorway but kept on looking while the chief did not stop masturbating. He said you know it makes it harder for me to do it while you are there and she stayed there looking.