I remember one dream.

Someone wanted to lose his virginity, he was in a club with his friends that were looking to see who he would choose, he ended up with a man, after they had sex that man realised he was not a transsexual and he was angry, he wanted to see him again but the transsexual said no way and went away saying he would never see him again. Then it was two men walking together until a huge accident that had a domino effect started to happen, they each went their way running away from it, it's like that accident would not stop, when it finally did they each looked at themselves then each others then all that carnage and were both shocked they were okay. Then it was an old man sitting down and saying to people why his marriage had worked so well and survived all these years. Then it was a young girl with her mother and her pet which was a worm of some kind, they were all three on a sidewalk with a bunch of things really close to the streets, the pet ended up on the street, I said I would take care of it and at first when I was trying to get it I thought it was cute and funny but seeing it go all over the place and going through my fingers and on things that were laying all over the street and sidewalk I started to get freaked out over this, I finally got a piece of scotchtape and was able to put it towards the end of the worm thing and it stopped moving, I was doing other things then when I went to get the scotchtape off I accidently cut the girl's pet in half, in shock I then realised it may still be alive so I crushed the head part of it's body to make sure it would not suffer anymore.