Spent less than eight hours in bed. Had an average night. Remember three dreams.

My mom needed some body lotion. I gave her some, I told her it was good but it had perfume in it, eventhough she is allergic she did not care. I also told her that there were not many left so that she probably could not put it everywhere unless maybe she did not use many. To show her I put some on. She came into the bathroom while I was putting the lotion all over, I did not like it since I was naked but I did not say anything, I tried going behind the shower curtain but she came there too.

A female singer was about to go on and she was told that Britney Spears would join her. She was very excited then she thought to herself wow that is going to be hard since she is so drugged up now. But Brit was very much awake and could not wait to go live to sbhow the world she was really back.

I brought my parents to Judge Judy. After I explained my case she told me that bringing them there would cost me more money that they owed me and she was angry at me but I started explaining how they were and she slowly got less angry and by the end she understood why I did it. Then she was angry at my parents and like in real life they did not get it.