This dream was about you. It felt more like I was actually AT your house though.

But anyway, what I remember was some sort of like a mat you wipe your feet on, maybe it was made of some sort of strawlike material.

When I entered I went above not on the ground though. There was a partician close by and near the kitchen area (do you know what slate-rock is?) you had a plaque made of this slate/grey type stone...some people paint on it.

But you broke it in two, like on purpose. It or I wondered at that time whether it was literal or symbolic because it felt soOo real, being there.

But the slate had something to do w/your gifts and in a way almost deliberately shutting them off.

The only reason I remember that dream was I had been woken by a pain/sciatic hip thing and I had to write THIS ONE down, because it actually made me wonder.

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