I had three dreams last night and I remember them all this time.

The first started with me watch a commercial for a new pair of jeans with Jessica Alba and Julia Roberts, Jessica Alba was showing them coming out of a car and walking and Julia Roberts by riding a bicycle. Then it was me riding a bicycle. I went home singing a Celine Dion song. It was a bunch of appartment buildings and in the yard there was a bench where Bradley Cooper and Zach Galifianakis and both of them were impressed with my voice and that I was not even out of breath by singing while riding a bicycle. I went in my house and when I was at the door it was my old house but the outside never changed and the two actors remained there (when inside the house i sometimes looked outside windows and everytime i would see them and the yard and the buildings). My dad had started feeding the birds and they all were close to the house, they were only baby and young birds and there were nests everywhere. Some were dead, some were dying and some died while I was looking at them and entering the house. There were feces everywhere. The birds, nests and feces were even in the house (just in the entrance). My mom was in the kitchen making food and she was acting like all of this was normal. So I told her that I had found an appartment and it was a 3 1/2 with everything included for only 295$ a month, I thought she'd be mad like everytime I bring up something like that but she said okay, I'll help you pack and she stopped making food and started packing my things.

The second I was watching a documentary about a psychopaths and his crimes. They were searching a forest in Autumn but that forest looked dead (i could see from the forest and the surroundings and what the cops and agents had on that it was really that season but the trees in addition of having no leaves looked dead...they were all pale and dry). Suddendly I realised that I was the psychopath, I was sitting down admiring my last victim who was dead and hanging in the air (i did not really see the body but from the little i saw it looked all black). Then I got up all happy and started walking and was found by some of the people searching that place (they looked like agents), they were surprised to see me (it was me but i looked different...i was taller with long black hair...i had the impression that i was really a man) and they started asking question but my reason for being there looked suspiscious so they kept on asking questions and I kept on digging with my answers. The last thing that happened is that they found my last victim.

The last dream was a little one. I went to the kitchen to make a toast. The light was on but it was dark. That toast tasted so good that when I woke up I had that taste in my mouth.