I barely slept last night and it has nothing to do with the time I went to bed or anything like that (had a huge thing on my mind...debating to do it or not and the consequences of not doing it and doing it). I barely remember two dreams.

In the first I was in a shopping mall. I ended up in a restricted zone (when the mall was closed i think). There was restaurants and stores opened for business. I made some friends there. We tried to act like we belonged there. We went to a restaurant to order fries (and a drink i think) and it worked.

In the last I was in the middle of a store (drugstore or grocery)and I was calming myself while everyone was looking at me. Then I took out two guns while still calming myself then got ready pointing the guns at the door. Zombies arrived and I started shooting at them. I along with people who followed me ended up in the air following something trying to find a way out. We saw a backdoor and no zombies were there and the other zombies were not looking that way (they seemed to not see us up there...we could see the entire store). I went down with another woman (and maybe other people) and we were able to go out. The woman sat on a motocycle and we (or just i) sent her to get help.