Spent less than eleven hours in bed. Had a very bad night. Remember three dreams.

I was an identical twin. We were very close and never had problems. My job was to do porn movies and she did not mind and neither the rest of my family. One day I left to do one, the last scene was me blindfolded and receiving oral sex by a woman so I did it, my identical twin was hiding and when I was blindfolded she came in and did it. It was not what was supposed to happen and after it was done I took off my blindfold and saw that she was the one who did it. I was shocked and disgusted by what she did. She ran off. The movie came out and everyone shunned me, my twin sister went into hiding and I was trying to get to her to at least have an explanation and I could not.

Me and my parents moved in what looked like an old renovation store. We got settled, every of our rooms were set but the rest of the house was still like an old renovation place. I got some money extra (or realised i had that money already) to take one of the extra space and to make it my own, when I was doing the planning my mom came to me and said that that television would bother her, I said well okay then I will take the space that is the fartest from your bedroom (it was bigger anyway) but she said not to take another one and after she showed me I told her that that space was close to her bedroom (right by it actually) and that the place I had first took was far from her bedroom and that dad was also right by her bedroom so instead of having one television work when she would be trying to fall asleep there would be two. She did not see it like that

A church came into a house that had many books to give if they could have some to give. The people who were in charge said of course you can. When the church left they left the place in chaos.