I remember two dreams.

I had a few hours to waste and I thought it would be boring but there was a Tennis match on television so I figured okay I'll watch it eventhough it's women and I have no idea where they are plus it's a small tournament and it ended up a long and somewhat interesting match so it passed that time plus either before or during or after or two of those things or all I found replays of a show or more shows that I had not seen in years. But then I realised that with all that I had missed Dr Phil, the last time it is playing was already starting so with my remote I looked at the rest of the schedule thinking that with all these channels there should would be a later replay but I was wrong so then I figured okay so I missed that episode so I will miss the next two because it does not interest me.

I with a few other people (3 i think) were camping. I said at one point that I knew how to make pizzas right on the fire and all I needed was butter so I was given butter and I threw it on the fire and it became a pizza. Then for a while it was me and a Dog (i did not look like myself for that part - the dog was a german shepherd) and I made a dough just like that and separated it by two for the Dog and me. Then it was back to me and the group camping. I made the first pizza (it actually really ended up a dough) then I made one but I realised I was given margarine instead of butter and I said I prefer butter and hate margarine so I took it off the fire and then added butter and my pizza was later made (the first i dont recall but it was like that person wanted it - mine was just dough to which i added butter) I then asked the others was they liked on theirs and one said peperoni and that pizza ended up with some on it.