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I dreamed that Connie and I bought my Aunt and Uncle's house.

We mistakenly went to their daughter's house first and talked to her husband and discussed that he graduated college in 1985.

We found a fairly large wad of cash in the lawn.

Then we went on to Uncle George and Auntie Evie's house and found and even larger wad of cash in the lawn -- It was huge !!!

That's Pretty !! smile !!!

Yes, those are pretty sweet dreams to have, Burt! smile

Very auspicious. Nicely trimmed lawns symbolize general family contentment or the outward appearance of such. To find wads of cash in lawns reminds us that home and happiness are true wealth.

Also, that you found them in your aunt's and cousin's lawns can symbolize that there is wealth in a grass-roots type of connection. Never underestimate the power of a good extended family.

To dream you bought your aunt's home could indicate that on a subconscious level you might wish what they have created as far as home and family. They might be very rich in love and well-being and family. Perhaps you would like some of the same type of contentment in your own life.

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