O.k. I had to do a little research before posting this one. Although my mother's side of the family has a Cherokee heritage to it, for whatever reason, she doesn't like to talk about it, but I adhere closely to many mannerisms but know little about the history.

In the second dream my husband and I were standing on one side of a chain-link fence. On the other was his mother. There was a perfect square cut out from the ground up in which she crouched. She was wearing all black, like a costume ensembel.

This is the part I had to research. She had a Headdress on, (Someone who knows more about attire, feel free to input) and she was covered head to toe w/grey ash. The headdress was pretty specific, detail-wise. It didn't have feathers that I could see. Instead it had two buffalo horn (whole) on each side of a cap - skullcap which was made of some type of shiny, dark, fur. There were two layers. One long and a shorter one maybe down to the shoulder. The horns were white/beige, with black tips and a Cheetah or Bobcat animal head between the two horns.

She said something like, "You don't think I would ever do (X,Y,Z,) do you? I'd never do that. I just wanted..."

My husband looks down at her and walks away. As soon as he does, she snaps her head back at me ready to pounce saying, "You'll never...this isn't done."

I said, "About you're question...Yes, we absolutely believe you did and will continue to do so. You've waged a war, one existing only in your head. I don't live life like that. It's far to short to waste on that type of energy."

The sky turned grey with billowing clouds above. I looked down at her and walked away.

P.S. there's a photo similar to the headdress on Facebook, but as of now only able to be seen by BOL members. It would be the headdress in the middle.

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