I remember four dreams.

All I remember from this one is part of the ending which I think ended not too long after. For some strange reason my parents had decided to do a party and there were a lot of people there. I ended up on a table outside where my parents were. I did not recognize anybody there. They looked like people who were not related to us and like people we had never met before. I wanted to calculate something via a cassette (i was rewinded it by hand to see what i wanted to see at the end) but when I got there instead of looking of what I wanted I put the tape back in because I did not want anyone to see and know what I was doing. I kept on touching that cassette and I was angry I had to sit there with people I did not know. One of them (at my right) asked me a question and I did not understood so I asked him what I did not understood what you said and he repeated (he asked - i do not remember if then i understood him or someone else told me what he ahd said) he asked if I liked the new place and I said no but at least it's not as bad as the other place. My parents kept on watching me like they were mocking me.

I had found a new pajama for Gagou (a cabbage patch doll) so I told him that and put it on him. I told the others (Elmo + Coin Coin [a stuffed duck] + Ti-Pit [a teddy bear]) that I would try to find them something. Elmo and Ti-Pit took off their shirts to at least clean it and Coin Coin said that it was okay since I had found him a new hat not too long ago.

I got up and when I was about to get all my things out for later I saw that there was a new furniture so I said okay I'll put it there. Everything was in a bag which I put on the new furniture, almost immediately I heard some noise and I thought it was my things that had fallen off the bag but when I looked it was a mirror and something else that had things on it that my mom had put on that furniture.

The insurance wanted to pay for my waxing every month and they asked me how much I was paying in the past and how much I was paying now. The difference was quite different and they asked me why and the only reason I had was that the new place charged more.