I was in bed for less than twelve hours, spent hours to fall asleep and woke up at least twice (the first time was for a long time). I remember a dream (maybe theres something missing from it BUT i remember it clearly...normally when that happened i dont forget parts) and parts of two dreams.

In the first I went in the basement and looked at the wood stove, my parents from upstairs asked me if it was okay and I said that I would take care of it. I took small long branches and all I could do was put them on the wrong side since they were so long, it fit inside but they were right by the door. When I closed the door they asked me if everything was allright and I said yes. I walked around looking at it then opened the door again and I was able to put them in the position where the branches should be, I felt relieved and added more wood but this time short logs so that the fire went higher (could not since the branches were so small and i could not fit more).

In the second I started practising figure skating. Then I was in a big competition where Shumi (Michael Schumacher) came to cheer me on. I remember him being stressed for me, me being full of emotions with him being there and us holding hands making sure our fingers were touching every of our fingers.

In the last I was upstairs in my bedroom of our old house then I heard some banging, it was someone or people renovating our stairs, I went to look and I woke up to my dad banging on our roof to brake the ice off of it.