I remember two dreams.

I was looking at some things on the internet and I saw a link about Michael Schumacher, it was about him being in an awful shape. I knew it was a bunch of lies but I clicked on it anyway. They were saying that he was a vegetable, that he was rotting away but that his wife was acting like he was alive, that someone's job was to rob lotion on him so it did not show that he was rotting away. I was angry at them for saying all this and angry at myself for having clicked on it.

The start of the dream I do not remember but I do remember that it had nothing to do with the rest. I became James Bond but I still was me. My mission was to wait for a phone call and when I said a trigger word the man stopped talking and I started cussing him out and telling him what I will do to him. I was in a small room surrounded by closed doors on a high floor of a tall building and many people were there (most if not all were Dallas Stars players). This all started when I listened to music and it was the trailer of a James Bond movie but most of the times I could not hear my favorite part which was when Daniel Craig cussed and told what he would do, everytime I would rewind the music I would start again with my mission and sometimes it was just me trying to listen.