Oh, Sunday, I'm sorry you feel tired this morning. Recalling dreams isn't always so easy, especially when you're feeling tired.

I, too, had several dreams last night. We all do dream a lot even if we don't remember them. But as I awoke, it was hard to hold onto them. So I went back to sleep and dreamt another short dream and I was able to recall it.

We often think that nonsense dreams are pure nonsense. But they often are symbolic of something going on in our waking life.

Last night, I dreamed that I left out a large Honey Baked Ham out in a plastic bin along with some food items that were shelf stable. A few friends had stopped by and placed it in the refrigerator for me but I realized that it smelled sour and tasted spoiled. But everyone else had some and said it was okay. I knew that it wasn't. I was upset to waste it because it was a very large and expensive ham but my husband thought it was not a big deal.

I know what this means.

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