I remember one dream from last night.

I was at an auction but I was not happy to be there because it was only things from Quebec and in French. Lots of people there were trying to get me to be happy to be there. Then there was a DVD of a movie about Hockey and I was excited about that so I bet two dollars on that, I made a two with my fingers and people looked at me like I was crazy because that's not how you do that then it worked, there were two other bets and a man won it for five dollars. So I told everyone that we should all go to the man's house and watch it together and we did, it all became a party. I was watching outside and said what is that after seeing something and at first people were laughing thinking nothing was there but they all could see what was happening. A big blue comet appeared with a blue line behind and it fell on Earth not too far from where we were, the house was not hit but I knew it was serious so instead of panicking like everyone else I grabbed a backpack and said to everyone to grab all the food and other important things and to get out of there and the fartest we could. Only one man followed me and we went into a mountain where we found a small cave where we hid. This is where I realised that the man was Christian Bale. When we realised that it was all over and we were probably the only people left we started by checking what we had then we arranged the cave to be comfortable. After a few days there we had checked the environment around us and decided to go back to town to see if there was anything else and anybody left alive. We were in a store with camping stuff when I woke up, we also thought while looking around there was survivors but did not see any (i think some were coming or were there when i woke up).