I remember two dreams.

I and other people were vacationing somewhere and when we stopped in a forest I told them to not go in a pit that was there, I remembered or I heard (not a lot of that dream i remember + it was confusing when i was in it and when i woke up from it) of tests done on people and one had survived but was very toxic and she was buried there and either could still be alive or the ground or/and body was very toxic. But one person went in the pit and before he started to dig around I told him that he did not want to catch the side effects of the poison the psychopaths had use on those innocent people, he started to dig anyway and he even started where the woman was. I remember turning around and before hiding my face so not to breath in the poisons, I also remember that after there were chaos but I cannot recall what happened.

I was passed out on a bed almost naked and I was also in a weird position and not in my house. An uncle entered and for some reason when he saw me he became aroused. A few moments later he slowly get the clothes off my genitals and then when I did not wake up he started fingering me, I woke up but in pleasure and I thought it was someone else of course so I kept my eyes closed until my orgasm and he still did not want me to open my eyes so he found my g-spot before and gave me another orgasm. When I finally opened my eyes he was still there and I was totally disgusted and sickened, he threatened me and told me a time and place and to be there or else. I did go there at that time and that pervert wanted me to give him oral sex, still disgusted and sickened I kneed and he was happy but instead of giving him what he wanted I bit his [censored] and then I started beating his face and sometimes making sure I was hitting down below. I was very much enjoying that beating and sometimes I would scream at him so is it enjoyable pervert or things like that.