I remember two dreams.

I was watching Batman Begins by flipping channels and realising it was on by getting on that channel then I was in that world. I do not remember if I knew Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) was Batman but I knew him. One night we closed down his building and someone was either there hiding or he/she/they had done something during the day because a fire started when we were gone. Everything was burnt down.

I had bought a house of my own. It was in a neighborhood near nature. All the houses looked the same and they were all looking old but they were not in need of major renovations, just cleaning up and love. I came back with my first groceries, after walking by houses that looked like mine I arrived at my house (all that time i felt looked at and laughed at). I walked on the grass where there were many Bees, in fear that they would come after me I continued to walk to the next door at the other end of the house and hurried up by opening the door and closing it. Inside there was another door and when I was going to shut it there was a note from mom eventhough my parents did not know where I was, in it it said to enjoy their gift to me meaning the house but I was the one who got it not them. I tried acting like nothing was going on by getting the groceries out of the bag and starting to clean up plus plan how I will buy and arrange furniture.