I remember two dreams.

A man hated Bears and he also hunted them. He was with someone else in a cabin and suddenly a big Bear broke into the cabin through a window. I or someone else was there too and me or that person was scared but mostly found this ironic. The Bear went straight to the man before he had the chance to even think about getting his gun (he was frozen in fear) and attacked him then left the cabin with him. He was taken far away and sometimes the Bear would stop to torture him.

A family of poor people but who were living like rich people amongst other real rich people were living well the charade until at a party with all of them the mother could not take it anymore and she screamed that they were poor, she then explained to them how they ended up there with fancy clothes and furniture like them all. They were all shocked but not angry. The rest of her family were more angry than the people that were lied to.