I remember one dream.

I decided to call an hospital in New Brunswick to learn how much it would cost to get my mom examined there. I spoke to a nice woman. I started by telling her my name then where I was from, what was going on with mom and how much it would cost. She explained it all then I decided to make her an appointment, I told the woman that it could not be where I would miss a Dallas Stars game and she started to have an attitude then but I explained how why that team and me seeing all their games from start to finish was so important and she understood and found my mom a date that was not too far away and was where I had a few days without any games. Mom and dad did not know where I was taking them, when she saw that it was an hospital she was shocked and I explained her and she was angry and wanted to leave, dad was standing there saying and doing nothing. I told her that since we were there that she could go with it and finally know what was going on with her, I asked her if she wanted to spend the rest of her life like that or know especially if that meant that they could then do something about it. By then a nurse was there to take mom to her tests. Dad said to mom that she should do it. She went back to our car (at first we were supposed to take the train but dad drove there) and that infuriated me. I went there and told her with pictures in my hands (of us 3 - we stopped in some places and had people taking our pictures and we also had fun there - i did not see any of it in my dream though but knew what it was) and I told her that if she did not do this I would leave and they would never see me ever again and know where I was, they could not write me or talk to me. I put or threw the pictures at her and she did not moved or say anything so I picked up my four musketeers and took my bag that was everything else that was important to me (i had figured she would do that) and I could see she did not want me to go but still she did not move or say anything. I think it was not the end of the dream but I cannot remember the rest.