I remember four dreams.

This could of been dreamed after the second but not last. I was looking in a closet (looked like a closet in our Saint-Hubert house) trying to decide which of the three bedding sets I would start with. At one point an insurance agent was there and when it was my turn I was trying to show her what I had bought, for how much and what it had to do with what I had lost in the fire.

That dream too I cannot remember exactly when I dreamed it (just came back to me when i was writing the first and the first came to me when i was writing the last). I just remember people from Ste-Florence being in it, the people who are mean and are probably the ones who set our house on fire.

All I remember is that it had at least one of those small cheap black combs.

That dream started with a song from Pan's Labyrinth. Then it had the family from Poltergeist in a house that looked a little like theirs in the movie. It had some old aspects like the windows (like in the movie The Amytiville Horror). The little girl was sleeping directly under one of these windows. Suddendly there was a strong wind in the house but nobody though it was weird. The little girl woke up from a dream and when she saw that she got up and tried closing the window, she had closed it but was having a hard time closing the lock. She did not see the evil man from the movie climb up and stop when the window started. She finally saw him and he started climbing down talking to her and she was trying scared to lock the window while sometimes looking around to see if someone was coming to help her.