I remember one dream.

I was in an airport trying to catch a plane (i have refused to do that since they have started doing what is going on in airports and planes). I was going to the plane's gate when I bumped into someone who was one of the airport's high command and that person (cannot remember that meeting) gave me a paper that would help me go in the plane faster. When I arrived at the gate (the airport looked like a grocery store and the gate was where we pay) they refused to let me in (because of my luggage i think) so I showed them the paper and they (a woman and a man were the ones refusing me) looked at each others and said that this would not help me. I yelled that my plane was about to go and that I could not miss it but they still refused. I started to cry and they started to calculate additional fees for me and I sit down still crying close to a panic attack.