Wow, Debbie. This dream certainly reflects what is going on in your waking life right now. An airport is a place of departure or arrival. You are in a state of transition now as you are moving through the stages of grief. You mentioned that you knew you would be ready to find love again. So here you are, in an airport, newly arrived and then a man appears wanting to get into your car (share your journey). You lock your car doors and avoid him.

This indicates that although there will be an available man in your life, you clearly are not ready to let him in.

Although you will keep moving forward in life, trying to find balance, you will continue to feel ups and downs with an empty feeling in your heart (hills, desert). You'll view other people as having more love or fun in their lives (colored sands).

There could be one woman whom you will want to befriend but she might not be prepared for a close relationship and perhaps a friend of hers might feel guarded or suspicious of you, too.

But before you leave, you or someone who is loyal to you wants to express feelings about this matter. And you'll want to "clean up" any messes that this expression might cause.

The woman's naked son simply reflects a person or aspect of her that is being open, unassuming. Perhaps, she (or someone in her home)will recognize that there was no need to be so guarded about you after all.

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