I remember one dream.

A photographer wanted to reenact the holocaust. I was seven in that dream and my parents or mom or dad signed me up. We were all in a line and supposed to act something from a camp and then after him taking one picture he would choose who would be part of his project. We were also all naked including children but nobody including us were finding it weird because the people we were supposed to be were too often. Also in the line we had taken a pose in advance so that the pictures would be taken faster. When it was my turn the man who was with me (sometimes it was 2 by pictures - i was on top of a mans head for the picture - i was naked like almost all the people were) started to act so me too and pictures were taken, he became molesting me and it then became a rape with his fingers. I let him do it thinking it was part of it and he looked at the photographer and they both gestured they had found one meaning a kid they could use for their sexual fantasies which was just what they wanted to do with that project.