Spent less than ten hours in bed. Had an average night. Remember three dreams.

My parents had left for a vacation and I was having lots of fun by myself. At the end Rafael Nadal was even in my bed.

I was in a rocking chair outside. It looked like a house but it was actually a shopping mall. At least two other men were with me, one of the man was Leonardo DiCaprio. I was near a porch, Leo was on the porch and the other man was a little farter away. I was mixing up cards, I wanted to use them to calculate something (a date...the suits meant nothing i think but the colors did and the thirteen cards each meant a date) but I did not want to do that in front of others, I also did not want to use the cards for something else before doing that so I just kept on mixing them together. Leo at least seemed to know what I was doing or at the very least thought it was weird. Then I reached behind me and found a piece of paper (either was put there by a passer by or it was my trick to leave) that said meet me there at that time. So I said oh okay and then got up (dont remember if i brought my cards with me) and went to the shopping mall. I saw someone I did not want to see so I tried hiding myself and I hurried inside then started to run but that person saw me and was able to catch up with me. I was being polite but so wanted to get away. Leo had seen that and he came to me and said oh there you are we are going to be late, I was relieved.

I was with a few people. I went to look for things inside a big old radio that also served as a furniture. A mean man took the cards and immediately thought that I had lost at least one. I told him no and he started counting them but made a mistake and said it was my fault, he still believed that I was a thief.