I remember two dreams.

Dad came in and said that a store we often went to had a job opening and that it paid 7$ an hour, that pay shocked me because at a store like that it usually was below it in the six dollars range I thought it was. Then it remainded me that another store like it less than ten minutes away had an opening but it was a while ago because I had forgotten it, I was down on myself for it because I knew the store and it would of been close to home and an easy job probably. I did not feel like having a job then eventhough I knew it was perfect for me and would help me get another and better job later but when I went to the store to fill the application form I wrote on purpose stupid things so to not get it. When dad told me that information we were supposed with mom to go shopping so that application was filled while we were shopping. I felt stupid to do that but I did anyway.

Someone I admired was supposed to come one day to visit. I woke up late one day thinking it would be the day. Mom was preparing the house and I started to prepare some food but with a cabbage that was old and almost nothing was left on it. Mom told me that dad would go get some food soon. Then I remembered that I had woken up and that I needed to do my morning routine and hurry it up in case he would come. There were lots of noise in the house (that did not look like ours in real life) and I was trying to stay near the phone and computer in case he would call or send an email saying he was coming, I was also in my mind making my excuse if he were to come before my morning routine was done.