I remember three dreams.

It was old New York but it looked like the New York of today. Wolves were on the loose and they were going after people to eat. People were warned to never go anywhere alone and to be inside by a certain hour to another certain hour. A woman went out to get some food after the hours. She was poor and she needed food which she had money to get. Where she was close to her building a group of Wolves spotted her, she knew that but she walked normally and then when in the building closed the door, she knew it would not hold so she put things in front of it because she thought they would bring down the door before she got to her apartment. She ran (by then she had lost the things she gotten) to her apartment and the Wolves were able to break down the door but she got to her apartment in time.

A couple was traveling, they ended up visiting an old fortress tour. The man wanted a lot of pictures so the woman took pictures (or maybe the man) of almost everything. The more they took pictures and the farther they went into the tour the strangest it felt.

A bunch of celebrities were together in a restaurant (or bar) a lot of alcohol was there and most were drinking a lot.