Angie, it's so interesting about choosing between 34th Street and 42nd Street. As Jana mentioned, getting off at 34th Street could indicate that you're hoping for a miracle--or better, are headed for one! laugh

Getting off at 42nd Street might reflect how you want more entertainment in your life and could be headed for using entertainment as a diversion as you journey on your life path.

A subway is an interesting mode of travel. So different from a train or bus. But it is a type of public or commuter transportation which indicates that the path you're on is one that many people are on. A more common, mainstream path. A subway is underground which means this path is rather subconscious. It's either clandestine or, more likely, one that you're not making a conscious effort about.

Look for a waking life situation that might apply to this. Could it be a spiritual path or a professional/working/career path? Hmmm.