I remember one dream.

This dream was actually in two parts, I woke up then finished it when I fell asleep again. The first part all I remember is a man standing there who was scary but he had nothing to do with the rest of the dream (everytime he was there i could not see his face - he was tall and wearing all black). The last part I was on vacation somewhere and a war or something broke out, I was told on or sold to the bad people, while being dragged I screamed at the others who I was and why I was there and why I was innocent, when I realised they would not help me I screamed insults at them and to always feel remorse for doing that to me (the man was there for at least some of that). Then I was in a bathroom and I felt the man's presence after my shower (could see him but me in the dream could not). I was trying to act normal since I was not seeing anything, I thought it was in my head but then I saw that the door was not completely closed, I looked at it and then said what is that, I closed and locked it and never opened and unlocked it then a towel that was on a hook on the door fell and I was very scared then, I decided to search for the man that I was still seeing but not me in the dream and I did that by putting my face on the shower curtain of the bath (that bathroom was in this house but we do not have a curtain where the bath is) advancing and screaming while trying to look around. All that time I could see him but me in the dream I could not. It was very scary when that man was there!