Spent less than nine hours in bed. Had a good night. Remember three dreams.

I was with Leonardo DiCaprio and we were walking. We ended up near a train track where they were doing repairs. They did not want anyone to come near but we decided to cross anyway, a train was coming but we did crossed without any accident or coming close to one. A man working there came to talk to us then we walked a little bit more and sit down.

Young men were getting ready to become stars. They were told they would look better shaved. A young Tom Cruise was there too and got shaved all over his body except for his hair, eyelashes and eyebrows. He came back naked. The other young men were not too sure anymore. A man came in and said do you all want to be stars and Tommy said yes I want to.

I was getting married or part of a marriage. Cats came in dressed up and supposed to be in the marriage ceremony. A Beagle was there too, he did not move but was not happy about it. I went to see the Cats and started talking to the Dog, he was crying so I asked him if he wanted to come then he moved a little coming to me so I picked him up, I had trouble picking him up and he was crying some more but I gave him a kiss and holded him like a Dog is supposed to be held.