Spent less than eleven hours in bed. Had a very bad night. Remember a part of a dream, one dream (i think the end is missing though) and one thing about a dream.

I was watching an Hockey game and suddendly a bunch of women dressed in short tigh clothes went on the ice and they were acting like it was a night club. The match did not stop and they were roughed up by the players.

I was walking at night and saw Michael Fassbender, I of course freaked out. He saw me and I tried to act like I hadn't seen him but he saw me look away and he could see that I was in shock. We both entered the same restaurant and I saw a man taking a knife out and going straight to Fassy so I screamed no and took the kife for him by throwing myself in front of him. He took care of me while the ambulance was on the way.

Toby, a Golden Retrieve who lives three houses down on the right was in that dream, his backyard was very dirty.