I remember two dreams (yesterday before my walk a dream came back to me & i forgot to come here: i was coming back from a walk and when i took my keychain out while still in the driveway 1 key was weird - dont remember the reason but i remember it was 1 key).

Vin Diesel and the other actors from the first Fast and Furious movie along with others I never have seen before were there, they were their characters. During a mission or whatever they were doing they were caught and poisoned, Vin ended up being tossed around while holding to that thing that was moving very fast which looked like a space vessel of some kind. He was able to keep holding until it stopped. They were then told what the poison was, what it does to the body and how long before you die from it.

I was a famous actress and singer. The feet dancer who started with I think Riverdance and then started his own dance group invited me for his last show. I did not have a lot of time to practice a dance I never had danced before but I learned quickly. I actually started the show then slowly dancers would come in the stage until the man came too. By the end the steps were very fast and hard and I was able to follow. When I was practicing my parents were there (dad was the 1 i saw the most) and they along with other people thought I would never be able to do it, my parents were angry I was able to and the others shocked but happy.