Three dreams came back to me at different times.

I had decided that I was ready to start a new teddy bear collection. I knew I could get most of them back but then Chocolate (a small teddy bear that i found at Super C in Longueuil) came back to me and this one I know I cannot get back (he was in the sitting position and 1 of his leg was smaller than the other 1 so even if i can get 1 like him the difference will be there) so I immediately felt bad about wanting to start over.

I was in the store Les Aliments M&M and decided while looking at everything they got to try their meat patties. So I asked them about it, how it was cooked and how many they had.

I looked in a mirror and saw a few dark hair had growed above my lips and I was wondering how that happened because I had looked not long ago and there was nothing there.