I remember two dreams.

An old man was discovered to going out with a teenager. People were able to break them up by convincing the young woman but the old man by talking to her changed her mind. He said that he was not even that old, that he had 500000$ and that when he would be twenty-one years old that he would inherit millions of dollars (i think he said 50) from when his parents died. The age was obviously a lie since he looked to be at least in his fifties but the teenage girl believed him. They ended up pregnant and in a four and a half that was one 1000$ a month with everything included, the young woman said that with the money he already had before he would get all the other money that there was no way they would be in money trouble. The parents were seeing all that and her dad asked the man if his daughter was the love of his life. He became all sad talking about another teenager and describing how he felt everytime he saw her but then he looked at his girlfriend and said that he felt another way but it was still love. She accepted that to the sadness of her parents (by then i could only see her dad).

A wild teenage girl was reeking amok in her house. Dr Phil came in. She was trying to build a cage for a Bird she wanted, Dr Phil looked on with an opened mouth because she could not do it and she was angry while doing it. At first she was freaking out over nothing but then she talked about one time there was a picture of her and other teenagers like her on the internet and someone had written get rid of her and that her parents had laughed while seeing it, she yelled how can parents laugh at something like that. Then she had a friend of hers over, they were talking about another friend and how they could all run away. Her dad came in to say to close the lights and go to sleep and they did close the lights politely but continued talking (whispering that time) about all running away.