I remember three dreams.

Me and mom went shopping. From outside the mall looked like one near the house we had in Saint-Hubert but from inside it looked like the one in Mont-Joli. I wanted something in the store Hart but we ended up starting in another place where I wanted to check the deals they had, she remainded me that I needed something in the other store and I said oh that's right and we went there. When we were at the checking line dad appeared and wanted to pay, I was in front of mom and I thought he would offer to pay for my two things but he did not, before that (do not recall if at that point dad was there or not) I left the line to go back where I had picked the two things to be sure (do not recall if i picked others things or not).

A couple popular on Youtube for pranks decided to play sexual games and to put it online but after a while of this it was me (i was fat in this and blonde too) who was a sex slave (consentual) to someone. I was asked to walk on all fours and then to lick clean a plate and to then wipe it dry with my body. Then the master had sex with me then two cops and their cop Dog appeared and one cop started to have sex with me then the other cop had the idea for the Dog to have sex with me and he asked the Dog to come and lick me between the legs and he did.

Mom had lots of insects on her and most if not all were either Wasps or Bees which she is allergic too. I remember being there but I do not remember if I helped her get rid of them or not, by the end there were two (1 of each left) but a Bee or a Wasp that was entirely black went in her shirt and bit her. She was freaking out but she was letting it go so I said take your epipen and use it while I called 911 but she did not want me to call them after telling them what had happened I again screamed at her to use the epipen and I had to go get it and give the shot to her because she still was letting it happening like it would be okay (she soon after the bite started to swell), I did not hit her tigh strong enough which injured her a little bit and this is when she took it and gave herself the shot (i did not did that on purpose).