I remember four dreams.

This one just came back to me when I was finishing the last dream. I remember me making icing and at first not knowing which recipe then which bowl to use. I remember cakes (muffin sizes) not having icing then me thinking about eating them anyway to not waste food and money. My mom was there to tell me at least about which bowls to use. I think my dad was there too.

I was in Saint-Hubert waiting for the bus where I used to. I was also talking on my cell phone, at the start it was like I was doing that to look cool but then I was really talking to someone who turns out to be Brigitte a friend who used to be my best friend and someone who has not talked to me since replying to an email about my Ste-Florence house being set on fire (she cannot even email me her address that i lost in the fire). I was going to sit after getting on the bus but I decided not to and just stand near the entrance. I also wanted to ask for a corespondance (paid by a ticket which does not exist anymore its all by pin cards) but I thought that these papers did not exist anymore (which is the case but my ticket was accepted) so i did not, I also did not want to stand there a long time so I was talking when we were near the boulevard I used to live on like I was asking where exactly I should get off then when I did it was for real I was going to see her. There were a school and the kids were out (not true - for when i lived there anyway) so I manoeuvred through them and then either knocked or rang the bell (kids were looking at me like i should not be there). I saw her coming (the doors were made of glass and were huge) and we hugged like everything else before did not matter (we thought it both).

I went on a bus with a Eric Lindros authentic jersey (from the Dallas Stars), I was showing off for two reasons, one I knew people hated him and two because I was able to find one after losing mine in a fire. Then it was a game against Montreal that was in the Playoffs, at first I was just walking around near where it was going on then I was at the game and then I was on the bench of the Stars during the game and I was having a blast because Montreal was getting crushed by us and people were livid about it. I was laughed and at one point taunting the crowd.

I was watching television and one man was talking about two male teenagers who were found after (the broadcaster was so dumbfounded that he said get this before saying this) smoking vanilla beans.