I remember two dreams.

Tom Cruise decided to pass as a woman and go live in an apartment where a man loved breaking in and killing the women who lived there. This plan actually worked and fast because the first night (he was not even dressed as a woman he was just walking around as himself) the psychopath broke in the apartment while Tom was hiding near the window in question.

I was part of a group that seemed to be in charge of the world. We had used a woman who was willing to fake a very contagious illness. We were called where she lived and she had arranged to pass herself for dead of the illness in question (it sounded and was spelled almost as ebola but it was worst than that disease). I was the one who saw that she had died of that. It was panicked after that. I said that we should all hurry and warn the whole world so that everybody could do what they wanted before dying. I took off a gun to kill myself and this is when the woman came out of hiding to say that this was a joke. She wanted revenge eventhough she had not been forced to do what she had done and I had felt bad for her after thinking that she was dead from the disease.