I remember two dreams.

I was on a show like Chopped but there for our basket we were able to choose the main ingredients. I was the first to pick out of the contestants, each one of us would pick one ingredient then our second then third and fourth. I realised I had picked two types of carrots and just when I was about to panic I had an idea. We had access to a pantry for what was not the star of our dishes (oils & etc). I made a puree out of small carrots then marinated cooked carrots in a sauce or something then made a salad and I do not recall the other ingredient or I put it in the salad. The judges were not too sure but they liked what they tasted.

I was attacked by a gang then left for dead in the water, a group of Humpback Whales saved me. When I was on the shore I realised the group had left a treasure behind so after I was recovered enough I stole some and the rest I buried. I was hurrying up looking everywhere scared they would come back before I finished. They came back just when I had finished, I was able to hide in the forest and slowly walk away. I made up some of the attack for the cops to be able to keep the treasure to myself, while I was stealing and hiding it I was also looking at it and guessing what would be easier to sell. So I found the cops and they took me where I said it happened (did not see the attack it started when i was in the water), it was a dirt road and I stopped when I said it started then described what I had seen when I looked back while walking. My story actually worked and they were all found and arrested. Then I was kidnapped and supposed to be used for a porn movie or plainly raped but it finished with two men tied to a bed with their arms behind tied to the bed posts and they were to have their armpit wipped.