I remember two dreams.

This I will have trouble written it because I do not remember a lot. A group of friends were visiting or working in Venezuella. Suddendly a group of either cannibals or locals of that country of that region of the country ended up where they were and they were either killing there or kidnapping people. I remember the friends or some or mixed with other people getting away but taken back, they were in a canoe and one was able to get the ropes or whatever else that had them all tied up off him and at least one other person did that too, some or most or all the others in the canoe did not want him to do that because they were afraid it would be worst what was waiting for them but he said that he did not want to know what would happen to them and would do anything to get out of it. He and at least one more person threw themselves in the water, the flow was big with lots of falls and rocks but he did not care and would prefer to die like that than what was waiting for him by those people. I remember him and one more struggling in the water, him coming close to being crushed my rocks and drowning then I remember him waking up out of the water but near it.

Someone here was angry at me because when new page does not appear I write extra comment or comments until it appears. I was explaining to her or him why but she or him did not want to understand or and accept.