I remember three dreams.

All I remember is that Tom Hanks was in it, I also remember him making a face at one point.

A group of four young men wanted to do a prank or something like that but one or a few or all realised that that man they wanted to prank or do something else to or with was the one responsible for the death of someone or people one of them loved. So that turned into a revenge and they got it by killing him. The next day I went there and ended up in the store where blood was discovered, for some reason I knew about it all and did not want them found because I was okay with revenge. I acted all shocked with what was going on and more shocked when I was told what was going on (maybe it was not me - maybe it was 1 of the 4). Then I remember a man working at that place spying on one of the man who worked there and able to successfully did it without being found despise making a noise when that man was on the phone (he hurried to his desk and when he knew he was looked at he made the sound a few times while singing and working). But turns out he was with them and at the end of the dream he told him a few or all of them their secret was safe.

A man was about to jump to kill himself and for some reason I shrugged it off. He ran and jumped off what seemed to be a cliff but it was not very high and it was a beach down there so he was still alive but in very bad shape. People from up there came from everywhere and they were taking pictures, some even dropped their phones and these phones took pictures while falling and kept taking pictures where it fell, there were also drones flying by that poor man taking pictures. I became enraged and went there to stop all this and help the poor man. I remember thinking finishing him off but I cannot remember if I did it, maybe I woke up before it ended.