Spent less than four hours in bed. Had an average night. Remember of one dream.

It was Jimmy Kimmel who was doing an interview about when he was working for a shopping mall. He was talking about his juice box that he was bringing with him everywhere he went. He kept it in a big ice box because he drinks his juices cold. Then he told himself that it was weird to have that big of a ice box for one juice box so he figured that he would bring two, one he would sold and one he would drink. He started laughing then said that he had to get an authorization card to be able to walk around while working with his ice box. Then it was me and Jennifer Lopez, she was talking about someone and her marriage and I was following (hate her in real life hated there too) her because I had to go where she was going. She started walking fast and I did too. Then she was going so fast that to keep up I had to run. The mall was kind of abandoned with almost all the shops closed or having just a few things to sell but there were lots of people sitting down and eating from the restaurants, all of them and all of the people working in the shops were looking at me running to keep up and they were laughing at me too. I did not have to do that but I still kept on doing it anyway. I tried making it look like this is not what was happening but it was obvious.