I remember three dreams.

Someone was suing me and we ended up on Judge Judy. I was afraid because of my accent but turns out nobody was minding. When it was my time to tell my story everybody was laughing at the stupidity of the person who was suing me.

I was in bed and mom was upstairs pushing my buttons.

I was watching Tennis, it was Rolland Garros. The match was Rafael Nadal against someone else. It was supposed to be Paris but the city and courts did not look the same at all plus in between sets was like in between periods of Hockey game they could pick their things and go in the dressing room for a certain amount of time. They each took off their shoes before going to their time out and they would come back to continue the match with new shoes. At one point I was there and I was a player, everyone was laughing at me because I was completely new to Tennis plus I was wearing sunglasses that turned into clear sunglasses because my match turned from day to night but it looked like I was at least holding my own if not winning.