I remember three dreams.

A pyramid that was in the ground with many corridors had been discovered either not too long ago or long ago. There were at least a few more corridors but they were not mapped and also not talked about. A group of young people traveled to the place of the pyramid to enter it and discover the unmarked and unspoken corridors. Almost at the last minute someone in the group decided not to go because it was too dangerous, he or she felt that it was cursed or something like that. That person tried to convinced the others but they laughed it up and also tried to convince that person to change his or her mind. The group went inside without that person and that person was right, the corridors were left out because it was cursed.

All I remember is one motel.

A woman was supposedly working to save wild animals but she was caught not taking good care of one. Then she was caught working in her office with an Owl inside a small cage. She was trying to explain why that was a good thing then my alarm clock went on.