I had one dream last night.

I was a wrestler and I was supposed to do a match with Triple H (not a fan) and Kane for a big Pay Per View event. We were in a ring getting ready, we were in the stadium that was full of screaming and excited people but they were looking elsewhere where the show was going on. Me and Triple H had serious injuries (me to an arm and him to a leg) that would of became worst if one mistake would happen during the match and Kane had a serious injury to the head but his injury was already a problem (you could tell that he was not himself at all). So we all looked at each others after trying to get ready and decided to get off the ring and tell them that we could not do it. I was the one who told Shane McMahon, he was okay with our decision (he looked like he was mad that we were put in that spot to beging with) but he was also angry at our decision but he looked at me without saying anything and went to tell his father that the match would not happen. We left before seeing the reactions of our decision. At the end of the dream I was in a grocery store with Kane and while our things were being put in a bag he saw that the man behind had a bread that we had bought and he thought that it was ours so he put it in our cart, before the man said anything I said that it was not his fault and that he had a serious brain injury (i pointed to the head and said sorry its his head often during this dream) and before he could take off with our cart I was able to give the bread back to the man without Kane seeing it.