I remember two dreams.

Dad brought me some St-Hubert. I was not very hungry so I figured that I would eat everything except the chicken that I would use later for making fried rice (all the while i was making plans for later what to eat from there) but then I decided to eat everything anyway. All the while dad and other people were there and most of the time they were looking at me or some were looking at me.

I was crossing a big street and when I arrived on the other side I went to the lights. A man started to scream at me so I looked at the others and asked what was his problem and a woman told me that he was angry that I did not crossed where I was supposed to so I told him and everyone there that there were no cars in sight plus I had spent my whole life crossing streets like that and that I had never been in an accident, never caused an accident, never was closed of being in an accident and never was closed to having caused an accident.