I remember two dreams.

Three of the main characters from Seinfeld were there (Kramer was the 1 not there). George had found a girlfriend and their first date (or it was after their first date) was for him to go to her apartment but when he arrived (for some reason he had the key) she was not there and she had not left a note. I think he had laundry or some food to do for himself and he did it slowly to give her a chance to come back but either she did not or she did too late so he left (just remembered that she was there when he left - he explained that it was late and she was ok with it - they made a plan for their second date). The second date was in her apartment to watch a certain episode of Games Of Throne (they were both there as far as watching it and had decided to watch the rest together). Everything seemed fine until a point where she said that it was not working out, he asked why and she gave the previous time as an example, he was shocked since she had seemed fine and happy but instead of making a scene he left saying a few nice things like good luck with your life. The other two were there at least once before that second date and when he told them what had happened they were shocked too. George was sad but he was doing his best to keep going without depressing over that.

I was on the phone with a friend that we had not talked for many years. Suddendly she just went quick but I stayed on the line and after a while I started counting how much money I had and how much I could put aside that year, turned out I could put at least 5000$ aside and that made me happy and when she heard that number she started to laugh and told me that now I could finally kill myself. I was completely shocked by that and asked her why she said that but after saying that she put her phone aside and walked away, I could hear her still laughing and I decided to stay on the phone until I got an explanation (she was the 1 who called me so she was the 1 who would have to pay the fees) but she never came back to the phone.