Spent eight hours and eleven minutes in bed. Had an average night. Remember one dream.

I was in my old home. A big party was going to bed there in which many people would be there including rich and famous people. At first I was not really interested but then I went to see how the preparations were going and I even gave a few (at least 1 that involved a fancy carpet put where the tables would be) orders. When the people started to arrive I called my best friend to invite her, she did not want to come so I told her all about it then I said wow I cannot believe that I am really rich now it is unbelievable (it was not to be mean or showoff i really realised that then) and when I was about to tell her who would be there I was looking through a window and saw Tom Cruise arrive then started to freak out saying to my friend he was there. I told her I would pick her up in a brand new Ferrari and she said yes. I went outside and met Tom Cruise and I was freaking out and he was nice, I then asked him if he had that Ferrari and he said no and I said oh wow so I had that before Tom Cruise and he laughed, I told him that it was not red though and he faked being shocked and we laughed. I went to the Ferrari and I went in, I tried getting out but there were so much traffic (coming in and out of the house and also the normal traffic in the street) I was angry because I had to go through grass to go into the street then I was not able to merge into the correct lane because of all the traffic, I started driving a little in the wrong lane trying to merge but could not (i could hear people telling me to stop or to wait or to be careful eventhough i was alone in the car).